The AZURA gradient HPLC System is a perfect, cost-efficient complement to your Modular-Lab system.

The HPLC System consist of the AZURA Assistant for Compact HPCL HPG, a high pressure gradient pump including 2 channel degasser, AZURA UV/VIS Detector UVD 2.1L (optional PDA), AZURA Eluent tray E 2.1L, a manual 6-port/3-channel injection valve (optional autosampler), AZURA Capillary Start-up kit, Analytical Flow Cell UV, the Interface Box IFU 2.1 and comes with the ClarityChrom(R) CDS Software in combination with HPLC-Scan and computer.

The timeless, elegant design of the AZURA element is optimised for user-friendly operation. The removable front gives an easy access to the functional modules. Guides for capillaries and tubings protect sensitive connections. Three colored LEDs indicate the element's status at one glance. Advanced safety aspects make working with AZURA safer than ever: The intelligent drainage system guides liquid from any leak to the leak sensor that stops the system as soon as liquid is detected. A leakage tray collects leaked liquid.

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