TLC-Scan is a versatile TLC Scanner for the reliable detection of radioisotopes on narrow strips and plates. The system is ideal for routine quality control of Ga-68, FDG (F-18), mTc-99, and I-123 radiopharmaceuticals. It can use any two detectors (PMT, diode).

The TCL-Scan consists of a moving stage and a PMT-based detector. TLC-Scan is also a radioisotope-HPLC detection system, which is compatible with all HPLC Systems. TLC-Scan uses various interchangeable scintillator / photomultiplier detectors for measurements of most isotopes including Ga-68, F-18, I-125, I-131, mTc-99 and In-111. Several scan speeds allow detectors to measure a wide range of activities from 10 nCi to 100 uCi (0.00037 - 3.7 MBq) depending on the detector choice. Analog and digital signals are provided for interfacing TLC-Scan with existing chromatography data system. RaPET Chromatography Software can also be used for your data collection and report generation requirements.

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