The Modular-Lab Pharm Tracer is your solution for efficient routine production of radiopharmaceuticals. It uses disposable cassettes containing all the necessary components for a particular synthesis. The cassettes are assembled under GMP-compliant clean room conditions, sterilized with gamma-radiation and double-vacuum-packed. All consumables used are chemical resistant and have been tested for their suitability with the specific syntheses. A shelf life of 12 months can be guaranteed.
The concept of single-use cassettes enables the user to easily label different radionuclides with the same setup, but without the risk of cross contamination.

The new Modular-Lab PharmTracer system also retains the reliability and versatility of the Modular-Lab Standard system, allowing to make changes in the process as necessary during early-stage development, but then "lock-in" the process for routine production. With this addition, the Modular-Lab PharmTracer system is the ideal platform for development and production of radiopharmaceuticals.

Fact Sheet Modular-Lab PharmTracer


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