MiniScan System is a versatile TLC scanner for the reliable detection of radioisotopes on narrow strips and plates. The system is ideal for routine quality control of [ 18 F]FDG, 99m Tc and 123 I radiopharmaceuticals.

A complete Mini-Scan system consists of a moving stage, a Flow-Count system and a PMT based detector. Flow-Count is a radioisotope HPLC detection system, which is compatible with all HPLC systems. Mini-Scan uses various interchangeable NaI photomultiplier detectors for measurements of most isotopes including 18 F, 125 I, 131 I, 99m Tc, and 111 In. Several scan speeds and variable detector slits allow the detectors to measure a wide range of activities from 10 nCi to 100 μCi.

Analog and digital signals are provided for interfacing MiniScan with existing chromatography data systems. RaPET Chromatography Software can also be used for your data collection and report generation requirements.

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