WARNING: The IGG100 68Ge/68Ga generator is a chemical grade product and not intended for use in humans. It has not been validated as a pharmaceutical product.

The IGG-100 Ga-68 Generator Chemical Grade is a closed system consisting of a borosilicate glass column containing a titanium dioxide bed on which Ge-68 is absorbed. Ga-68 is continuously produced by decay of its radioactive parent and is eluted with 0.1 M HCI.

This generator is designed to minimize both Ge-68 breakthrough and metal impurities in the eluate. The elution profile of the IGG100 Ge-68/Ga-68 generator has been optimized for maximum activity concentration per volume.

To improve safety, reliability and simplicity, the IGG100 requires no disassembly. It is shipped ready-to-use. Both, the inlet and outlet lines use Luer female connections with attached caps for easy installation. EZIP maintains a comprehensive quality and regulatory compliance program based on a number of industry standards and regulations ensuring the production of consistently high quality products. The IGG100 Ge-68/Ga-68 generator device is made according to these regulated standards and good practices.

IGG-100 brochure

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